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Our World: The Lost Ground

It is a MMORPG set on a floating city with a war between two factions, children of the mask and the children of the slums I am currently looking for voice actors who can do the voices for the two tutorial npc's and to be the narrator for the trailer as well as other random npc's.

no picture but imagine a middle-aged man with black hair and a few gray hairs a goatee and is big and husky.
Voice Type: The character is male he is middle aged and should have a bit of a husky voice which is medium low. I imagine him with a north-American accent but will also take a bit of a British accent.

Audition Lines:

1. The ground? don't be ridiculous we don't need that stupid piece of land below us. The people of the mask have given us everything we need now off with you.
2. Humph don't you have work to do?
3.We have a job for you recruit. some trouble-makers down in the underside slums have been getting really uppity about some new work laws or something

A young woman in her late twenties tough from growing up in the slums but likes to make jokes and laugh alot so she rarely shows her tough side unless in battle

Voice Type: Female, medium and can switch between light and tough. north American accent please.

Audition Lines:
1. The land? I'm all for ideals kid but that is impossible. it is just a chunk of dirt. push it from your mind.
2. Get out of here, shouldn't you be doing something or other right now
3. It's great so many people want to fight for our cause. We shall live down here no more!

Voice Type: female medium-high, starts out sad and soft and gets stronger on the last few lines after, "but why?"

Audition Lines:
Our World…The lost ground
We have no need of it anymore
Neither the children of the mask
Nor the children of the slums have any desire to return
But why?
When our home used to be so beautiful
Have we really fallen so far that cheap replicas
Have become good enough
They  have forgotten
And it is time for us to make them remember

If you don't fit with these three go ahead and send a demo reel anyway we have lots of other characters available!

Recording & Sending Information
The files do not need to be in any specific format because we will probably end up converting it anyways.
Send your auditions to

Deadline: July 1st
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thanks for the fav
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